CapitaSafe Pte Ltd.

Who Are We?

CapitaSafe is an independent resale insurance provider specialising in the acquisition of life and endowment insurance policies.

We understand that having to give up your insurance policies is never an easy or straightforward decision.

Therefore, we are here to guide you through with every step of the process and to ensure the safety of your hard-earned capital so that you can feel confident.

CapitaSafe Pte Ltd.
Our Vision

We strive to be an one-stop financial hub that provide key valuable services so that our clients can get ahead in life with peace of mind.

CapitaSafe Pte Ltd.
Our Mission

We aim to be the best resale insurance broker in terms of service and speed to assist policyholders to extract the most value out of the insurance policies that they are exiting.

CapitaSafe Pte Ltd.
Our Values

We believe in integrity, professionalism, reliability and being service-oriented in order to instil trust and serve our clients well.

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