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Resale Insurance Policies (Resale Endowment Policies)

Most of us will know how to trade time for money. You find a job, you work for that number of hours to complete certain tasks, and you will get paid with income.

Now that you have the money, would you like to use it to trade for time? What if you can save years of waiting time with a lump sum?

Traditionally you may have to buy a brand new insurance policy that could be 20 yrs or 30 yrs long and start from day one. However, with resale insurance policies, you could use a lump sum to come in midway so that you can skip the initial years of waiting time and greatly shorten your holding period to the policy maturity.

This way, you are essentially buying time with money and one thing for certain, it will greatly enhance your wealth accumulation journey.

How Does Resale Insurance Policies Work?

Resale Insurance/Endowment Policies allows you to pick up from where the previous policyowner last stopped and continue them to maturity and in the process enable you to save time yet enjoy greater returns on your money.

With most of the resale policies being endowment policies and savings plans, they are inherently safe in nature and have lesser volatility compared to speculative investments. They are suitable for investors who are looking for a safe place to grow their money, to diversify their portfolio, or to have their  funds ready at fixed intervals with high level of certainty.

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Key Benefits

  • Stable assets with quality ratings
  • Safe and Protected by SDIC
  • Shorter time frame
  • Higher Returns
  • Tax-free proceeds
  • Ease of exit and sell-off
  • Minimal monitoring required
  • Fast application with no health underwriting

Find Out How You Can Benefit From These Resale Insurance Policies